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Sorry for the complete lack of posts lately!  They had been getting kind of exhausting – but we’ve been hard at work this whole time.  I’ve got some pictures to prove it.  Things are already showing some good polish in areas… another gameplay test very soon! And we’re very excited for the new UT3 patch […]

Codathon: Week 4, Day 1

Some really bothersome bugs this weekend… but its all solved now.  There is a new inventory system, allowing characters to store items on the player model.  Another playtest coming up, and we hope to put together a nice movie soon!

Codathon: Week 3, Day 4

A small disaster: My computer went nuts and won’t run anymore.  We think its the motherboard, and spent plenty of time and energy deducing this.  Our friend has graciously lent me his machine to use for the short term, and hopefully I can find a more perminant solution as soon as possible.  Most importantly, no […]

Codathon: Week 3, Day 3

Tons of progress this post.  The new character is underway, and looking solid but he doesn’t have a head. Tony has the magic system coming together very nicely.  Theres a simple HUD and fancy color changing particles all over the place.  Screens of that once he works out a troublesome replication bug. I’ve got the […]

Codathon: Week 3, Day 1

So after a very successful week 2, we’ve decided on our goals for week 3.  By Friday we will produce an expanded magic system, better tuned sword combat, rolls and dodges,  a basic psionic system and the start of another playable character.  The magic system is an important and involved task, so Tony will be […]

Codathon: Week 2 Complete

We accomplished all our goals for this week, and have a working alpha version of the game, with an installer and everything.  We had an internal playtest and things everything is very promising and exciting!  We’re not quite ready for a general public release… but check out the screenshots in the gallery.  More updates on […]

Codathon: Week 2, Day 5 PrePost

Things are looking pretty good… even though I just accidentally deleted 2 important new files just before I checked them into version control and spent 3 hours redoing and redebugging them.  Private release party tonight~! FIREBALL FTW! (See that ugly little multicolored star? In Coda, health bars are circular.)

Codathon: Week 2, Day 3

So I’ve switched over to UnrealScript for the moment.  I did a lot of work on the sword swing animation system… which is improving by leaps and bounds.  Tony has been working on the magic system.  We should have a nice, dirty little mini version of the game up in time for our Friday deadline.  […]

Codathon: Week 2, Day 1.5

Quick update: since I loaded early versions of the body textures into Unreal for testing, I thought I might as well take a few screen captures.  (Not done yet, missing the tattoos and some more work on the skin and cloth) Tony and I started a new workout routine today.  I stopped half way through […]

Codathon: Week 2, Day 1

Made some solid progress over the weekend.  Tony and I were playing some Coda over the LAN, and things are really shaping up well.  The game is already fun to play, and several of the game mechanics are already showing up and functioning very well.  Having accomplished our goals for the first week, we’ve created […]