Latest Release [11/12/2009 06:48 PM]: Coda Mod Beta 0.4.887
UT3: Patch 2.1 (non-steam)
Coda Mod Change List:

<Beta 0.4.887 11/12/2009>
* Updated build number
* Removed tripping at high speed
* Goomba kills credited, Death camera follows dead body, possible fix for phantom slash
* Added Green and Red Coda icons
* Added Sword Only Mutator which disables all weapons except for Swords.
* Removed PS3 sound workarounds because custom sounds can now be cooked.
* Small input fix
* Fixed PS3 sword swing sounds
* Added new HoldSlash sound, NatureHit sound
* Added Xing Sounds
* Added Taji sounds
* New sounds are going in
* Hold slash no longer kills to avoid confusion and sloppy animation
* Added more textures
* Added textures for half the Jimbos weapons
* Made the new swords smaller
* Added more Jimbos swords
* New sword: "Relentless"
* New weapons are going in

<Beta 0.2.863 06/24/2009>
* Bots now have a prefix on their name
* Various fixes and changes
* Fixed occasional pawn death without ragdolling
* Added a blank UTCustomChar.ini
* Further checks to avoid custom characters being loaded
* ModFamilyInfos are no longer loaded.  Should prevent Coda appearing to crash on first run with Custom UT3 Characters.
* Added Lou to build system
* Added German localization files.
* If spectated player dies while following their rotation, camera will not flick away on death
* Lou skin weights
* Working on Lou's eyes
* Improvements to Lou
* Added Lou
* Changed the colors around a bit
* Earth slash kills on hit
* Whiff effects longer show up on corpses
* Fixed team scoring
* More sophisticated stats compilation
* Post-game stats are replicated to clients
* Adjustments to post game stats display
* Added simple stats tracking and HUD display at round end (whiffs, slash types etc)
* Added Red names in scoreboard for dead players, name of killer and bars
* Corrected hint number in some localized hint files.
* Renamed german files to have .deu extension
* Changed around the hints
* Added German translation
* Added kill volume under levels to catch people who get out
* Fixed Dawn2 start point rotations
* Can no longer pull Mule after round has ended
* Added new Mule walk
* Added new Nature abilities using the trees
* Fixed PS3 crashes caused by ModClientSettingsScene and other random invalid variables.
* SkyDash works from the ground, Only 1 SkyDash allowed before touching ground, Getting hypered in SkyDash ragdolls you
* Hold will block once, then return to active
* Hold slash properly replicated to remote clients
* Fixed Hold slash bugs
* Hold Slash works
* Logic for super swing abilities is now completely in the TrendInfo
* Moved Xing slash logic to the SlashInfo
* New Coda logo textures
* Added TrailerLogos.upk
* Moved around some map files
* Added new shots of Gen and Vivian.
* Added Trailer.txt
* Created Tutorial folder, Added PlayerInputScene
* Unified usage of 'whiff'.
* Disperse effects back in
* Added Xing aim redirect "bug" back in for Warsign
* Xing is smaller, slower to fire
* Fixed Xing slash sound, Xing LOD problem
* More new Xing effects
* Started on new Xing effects
* Tweaks to Xing collisions
* Working on Xing combinations, throwing
* Slashing a Xing which is too big will kill
* Rearranged xing creation
* Xing pull implemented
* Collision gets resized, better logic for combining, easier launching, easier mines

<Beta 0.1.800 05/29/2009>
* Tons of tweaks, stabilizing changes
* Fixed bots not getting a CodaCustomCharData at map switch
* Bots no longer spawn with extra swords, their swords are properly removed
* Added bot pathing to all Coda maps
* Optimizations, tweaks, players don't have CodaBotWeapons
* Looking directly at other players shows their name in the lower left corner
* Bots are now much smarter, can switch between Xing and sword
* Simple bots fighting with swords works
* Fix for end of round pawn detach bug
* Round end Camera fixed for real
* Fixed camera in wrong offset, added some checks for spawning as a spectator
* Called RoundHasEnded right before RestartLevel to fix pawn state bugs.
* Added fix for spectator state not going to playerwalking after round restart
* Checks for possible camera errors
* Characters don't get jittery after getting up from ragdoll
* Xing won't kill you if you run and throw it
* Fixed an invulnerablitiy while in stun
* F2 wasn't switching weapons
* Mule Rider gets NotifyTeamChanged called properly
* Added fix for bots not getting custom character at times.
* Added beta tag to build system
* Added internal/alpha support for PS3 build system
* Now outputs html files for PS3 internal/alpha
* Added UTMapLists.ini, UTVote.ini, and UTInput.ini to pre-build clean list.
* Fixed auto-updater to work with internal build.
* Added proper handling of mercurial tags to build system.
* There is now an internal build cycle for play testers.
* Added PS3 support to our build system
* Moved camera preferences to Controller so they dont get reset every round
* Chat messages display during Win/Lose screen
* Stone won't ragdoll from fast falls
* Player will now get a random character/weapon when launching from the editor.
* Changed the default game info to: Rounds = 50, Time = 25, Goal=150
* Ragdolls don't disappear until round resets
* Players can cycle through which sword they will spawn with next round with "F2"
* Earth sword's stun time cut in half from v700
* 50 Kill bug should be resolved.  "Win","Lose" should now be correct
* Nearly solved the 50 kill bug
* Lined up messages better
* Coda font is used for chat
* Added Round counter to top of scoreboard
* Notifications added for camera style changes
* Tweaks to new player name display
* Installer will now ask if you want to remove older alpha versions of the mod.
* Added UTVote.ini, UTMapLists.ini, and UTInput.ini to installer ini cleaner.
* Localized some strings in the custom character editor
* Added Finnish localization thanks to Mischa Silden.
* Made Duel a little bigger and finished south end of the stream.
* Collision, pathing tweaks to DesertRaid
* Added gametypes to maps for PS3 cooking
* Fixed boundaries in moonlight
* Removed waterfall sounds from FrontEnd map
* Better player counts for maps
* Fixed several issues
* Mule no longer floats.
* Balanced the trick riding points
* Mule will ragdoll driver if water is too deep
* Removed Mule spin trick, disappearing Mule trick
* Mule Rider looks/twists with the camera, can swing while leaning left/right
* Got sword swings to work while on horseback :-) Need to make game design decisions now...
* Nature players collide with their own trees, hitting Trees extends recovery but does not stun, Trees have lighting and shadows
* Added nature plant growing ability
* Added beta tag to PS3 build
* L2 Swaps Xing/Sword, Up sets new sword for next round
* In-game sword selection list is now in a more intuitive order.
* Tweaked PS3 input
* In-game sword selection works.
* Bots/players get random characters
* Got underlying custom sword/character system working.
* Added PS3 compatible functions for sword/character data.
* Added May to the PS3 map lineup.
* Added blocks to PS3 map list.
* Added maps to PS3 port
* Got initial PS3 Port working with full sword fighting, taiji, and bots.
* SkyDash fixed to only work with Sky.  Added some recovery time for a SkyDash that doesn't hit anything.
* Added SkyDash ability
* Tossing while floating is back
* Much smoother fixed rotation viewing, better transitions when viewed pawn dies
* Added goofy spin impulse to stone launched characters
* Xing bounced with water sword becomes dangerous to the original thrower
* Magic reflects Xing, tweaks to stone
* Finished restructuring sword, making it more reliable and allowing for more abilities in the near future
* Adding new Earth abilities
* Restructured, optimized weapon code
* Created CodaTrendInfo class to interpret and handle information about various types of trends on CodaWeapons
* Swords no longer destroy themselves when loose
* Sword will not autoblock during ragdoll, inactive etc
* Sword endfire is ignored without an active startfire
* Swords can no longer clash at all while character is knocked down
* Fixed bug #0000159 - Multiplayer Menu always asking for custom character.
* Removed some Coda DataStores that were used for menus
* Added bot options back into game hosting
* Found workaround for SetupBotCombatants - BotCombatants hard code bug.
* Fixed alignment issue with character editor
* Added automated build stamp to main menu.
* Tweaks to HUD and fonts
* Water properly passively kills Fire

<Alpha 0.0.700 MSUC Phase 3 05/15/2009>
* Safer assignment of CodaCameraActor as ViewTarget
* Stripped EndViewTarget to prevent a recursion crash
* Few extra checks to avoid a recursion crash when CodaPawn becomes view target
* Added spanish localization files to build system.
* Added localization support to installer build system.
* Automated GameViewportClientClassName cook bug workaround
* Build system now cleans your dev directory before creating the installer
* Added some alpha release options to the build system.
* Changed link on release page
* Fixed non local characters wandering away at round end
* More tweaks to spectator camera
* Several rare problem cases resolved
* Spectator mode works again
* Extra checks for CodaCameraActor==None
* Free/Fixed cam toggeled with "1", Free/Locked cam during Swings toggled with "2"
* Trend lock is toggled with the "1" key
* Safer transfer to CodaCameraActor from Pawn
* Added some kismet events for character customization.
* Fixed bug in character customization screen where all sliders would show zero instead of their current value.
* Removed some old character customization code.
* CustomChar_Preview uses a CodaItem_Sword actor instead of just a raw SkeletalMeshComponent to prevent rendering errors
* Pawns now animate their sliding correctly in demo playback
* Recording client side seems to work
* Team colors rearranged
* Removed autoslash
* CodaDeathmatch/CodaTeamDeathmatch find their proper starting locations
* Pawns will knock down others instead of standing on their heads
* Added special abilities for Earth, Fire, Water charged swords
* Fixed error with coda ut3 command line thanks to ch6tal.
* Added CODA-Moonlight map to the installer.
* Updated French and Spanish localization files.
* Added Bowie's updated French localization files.
* Last of Carlos' Spanish translations!
* More spanish translations
* The first of Carlos' translations
* Added temporary French localization files.
* Localized character and sword descriptions
* Only spawnable on ground and at slow speeds
* In a collision, the faster MULE will knock down the other one
* MULE can trample other players, crush them.
* Duel's deathmatch start locations corrected
* Tweaks everywhere
* Added CODA-Moonlight
* Move speed based on pawn orientation was broken for all non server players... fixed it.
* Hack around avoid unable to move bug
* Fixed dedicated server not showing up in browser.
* Spectator can now cycle who it views with mouse scroll, cycle viewing styles with mouse button
* Ragdolled victims get killed outright
* Stun stops all movement, stuns reasonable length
* Better Pin locations for remote clients
* Fixed upside down client swords
* Volume collisions are back
* Completed Character customization focus camera angles
* Kismet nodes for zooming on the customize character screen
* Character Customization camera rotates around your character
* Added some custom listen server settings
* Removed main HUD function again
* Changed some default vote options
* Cant fire invisible Xing
* Clicking without trending fires previous element type.  Minimum trend size to set the element type.
* Possibily resolved crazy camera during xing spamming
* Sounds replicate on dedicated server

<Alpha 0.0.623 05/07/2009>
* Normal UT taunt animations work on CodaPawns
* Male/Female animations are set with the skeletal mesh for all characters
* There arn't any.
* Customized swords will now show the correct colors on the character customization screen.
* Removed betrayal game type for installs with TitanPack.ini.
* Coda hints now load correctly for deathmatch.
* Stopped setting sword light environments
* Added XingEffects, weapon LightEnvironments back in
* Stable version, tested on server with 3 clients on 2 machines
* I believe this is stable, several features need to be reimplimented
* Better fix for round score reset bug.
* Fix for round based team deathmatch.
* Fixed end of round not resetting player scores correctly.
* Fixed a bug where Coda profile settings would cause some UI elements to load the incorrect localization data.
* Sword slash types are properly initialized on clients
* Removed ghost CodaTest references
* Fixed bug where a match would end if only one player was present.
* Fixed crash on call to PlayStun()
* Added a quick workaround for GameViewportClientClassName cooking bug.
* Changed spectator camera to use free mode by default.
* CodaCameraActors will spawn in SetViewTarget if they do not exist
* Added the ability to customize the look of your character's sword.
* Added new character customization screen.
* Customized character settings now save to your UT3 profile.
* Removed some superfluous python files.
* Swords have their own Xing effects
* No more explosions on player death
* Tweaked Blood spray, still sucks tho
* Removed weapon icons from scoreboard at end of match
* Implemented Reverend's thoughts
* CodaPawn has new TurnOff()
* Players can no longer swing during the end round animations.
* Player now stops accelerating before end of round animations.
* Added end of round animations.
* Changed the default round configuration.
* End of round no longer resets player's score, kills and deaths.
* Enabled team colors.
* Added some default options for team deathmatch.
* Set default configuration for gametypes to rounds.
* Added Tai2 map
* Fixed some small bugs in packaging script
* Added new maps to installer package system
* The auto-updater can now be told to look at alternate download mirrors.
* Added some missing files to installer package system
* added an option to packaging system which allows cooking only.
* Held items now destroy themselves when pawn dies
* Reenabled MULE!
* Blocked Tony's house trap in DesertRaid
* Blocked off Duel, DesertRaid
* Tweaks to Tai2
* Maps now show Coda hints during load screen.
* Occlusion tweaks, rebaked lighting
* Tweaks to Tai2
* Added Tai2, ruined Tai
* Clamped the preview images so they dont bleed at the seams in the UI
* Fog volumes are no longer occluders
* Removed UT3 hints from map loading screen thanks to denrei.
* Added preview images for most of the tweaked maps
* Improvements to Mayx
* Improvements on May
* Added new lit/stable version of DesertRaid
* Added CODA-May
* Added sword description to player customization screen.
* Run animation toned down at low speeds
* Removed UT3 gametypes from search list
* Made browser only search for coda games
* Proper replication of new Xing kill, slash sounds
* Added basic crappy sword sound effects for swinging, clashing and killing
* Removed grunting sounds during jumps, dodges
* Added new sword material
* Selected sword colors replicate properly
* New sword - the Femur
* Xing effects on charged swords
* Sword changes color when you slash Xing
* New Sword - the Regal: slow but will never wiff
* Sword inactive state handles animations
* Fixed sword attachment for real, better collision with multiple pawns, dead pawns, Replicated blood
* Fixed swords attaching to character! Yess!
* Speeds tweaked, autoblock ineffective for attacks from behind
* Added wiff-followup effect, ignores hits for players which are behind you
* More reliable stun, wiff
* Swords lit properly, Bustersword model bigger
* Added new sword - the Buster sword
* Wiff effect replicated from server
* Swords have their own light environment
* Faster swings all around
* Heavier, slower swords now have better reach than their quicker counterparts
* Swords re-pin themselves on bHidden and post ragdoll
* Fixed server only able to fast swap sword
* Added fast weapon swap with 'F' key
* Added wiff mechanic to help combat blender techniques
* Taiji moves are no longer super spammable, added color change for final Taiji effect
* Added sword wheel reference image to scoreboard
* Team scoreboard works
* Coda has custom game scoreboards for DM and TDM
* Replaced some menu elements.
* Added Coda ingame scoreboard
* Added some default options for voting.
* Trending capabilities generalized between Xing and Sword
* Update effects moved out of tick, better checks for None effect
* Spawning underground solved
* Xing weapon working well, Xing disperse effects added

<Alpha 0.0.474 04/22/2009>
* Added readme file for CodaBug.
* Eliminated ghost CodaWeap_BroadSword references from CodaMaterials
* Fixed small directory bug with installer packaging system.
* Fixed corrupt CodaUI.upk
* Fixed Team Deathmatch ignoring rounds.
* Fixed CodaItem trying to assign itself on player death
* Fixed Taiji particles not dying off over time
* Fixed sword animations after dismounting from horse
* 0000003: Fixed jittery client motion.
* 0000031: Synced sliding and sprinting between client/server.
* Camera is replicated more cleanly, properly avoids obstructions on client
* Tweaks to pawn orientation during motion
* Camera lock during trends can be toggled with the "CameraLock" exec command in network games
* Camera now smoothly locks while trending a slash
* Fixed Tony's sweet camera zoom feature which I had earlier broken
* Added trace checks for obstructions on a timer
* CodaCameraActor now supports spectating other Pawns
* Moved CodaCameraActor into CodaPlayerController from CodaPawn
* Vivian can hold weapons, fixed Gen and Marek color system
* Vivian skin weights
* Improvements to Vivian
* Hair and eye color are now defined with Coda Colors just like the body
* Improvements to Vivian, Coda animations and character materials
* Added Vivian character
* First version of the CodaBug Application which is a new bug/crash reporting tool.
* Added "CodaHelp" and "CodaServerHelp" list available gameplay alterting commands
* Fixed Taiji particles attaching themselves to player
* Added dash effect
* Removed auto taunts, announcer voice, kill notification text
* Movement tweaks
* Fixed some "end of round" camera issues.
* Added new round based deathmatch game type.
* Taiji Jump now affects gravity.
* Gameplay notifications now display the Coda symbol rather than the UT symbol
* Added CodaIcon.png
* Added map development option
* Included CodaBug Application.
* Fixed changelog tag issue
* Added localization support to UI.
* MULE Colors are pulled from the PlayerReplicationInfo
* Cleaned up MULE, CodaItems are very safe when switching to MULE and back, sword swinging from horse back very possible with a bit of work
* Fixed dismount sword animation, eye out for new MULE animation problems
* Added city platform map.
* Added two small test levels.
* Added some support for community map development
* Added character customization button to main menu.
* Removed Instant Action buttom from main menu.
* Added nonTaiji dodging, new sprint system, fall damage can knock down
* Crouching works with the system
* Tuned sprint, run, sliding speeds, animations
* Added sliding back in a replication safe way
* Backwards motion is slower, forward motion is faster
* Added a few missing files to the project
* Optimized replication in CodaPawn, CodaCameraActor, CodaInventory
* Added auto-block while character is moving backwards
* Smoothed out collisions, strike combat, stun time etc
* Speed ups to Heavy sword
* Equipping different sword types gives you different range and timing!
* Added Light, Medium, Heavy CodaWeap_Sword classes
* Added BroadSwordB and BroadSwordC
* Replicated wind up animations during trend, looks like shit
* Added capability to aim horizontal slashes up or down, more animation tweaks
* Reorganized AnimTree nodes, reduced from 8 to 3 blend nodes
* Animation blending tweaks, modified block animation
* Extended and looped stun animation, works for any amount of stun time
* Reorganized animation tree for more flexibility in move transitions
* Added stun/backpedal animations for taking hits
* Swords now spawn correctly for clients joining late
* Kills should now score properly through the TakeDamage system
* Implemented blocking with right mouse button
* Added new blood effects for sword hits, technically complete but assets need lots of work
* Swords collide with traces along their blade, rather than radius from Pawn
* Tons of timing, collision, replication, state change tweaks
* Sword collision timing tweaks
* Added cheezy color coded effects based on sword interaction
* Sword strikes properly interact with one another, modify the timing of recovery phases
* Removed WeaponAttachment classes entirely
* Separated CodaInventory, CodaWeapon, CodaWeap_Sword intelligently
* Sword collisions are more sensitive to timing
* Added jab attack (click and release without trending)
* Improved slash effect
* Added support for several different attack states
* Added seamless timing/swing angle correction
* Sword replication works perfectly with new weapon system
* Added sword animation back in
* Made CodaInventory a subclass of Actor instead of ImpactHammer
* Moved CodaWeaponAttachment into CodaInventory
* About to move sword pending to attachment
* Prepared attachment for new slash types
* Swinging off a charge improved
* About to move weapon functionality into the attachment
* Added trending for swings
* Support for mixed FireMode in buffering
* Improved pawn rotation during slashes
* Adding support for asynchronous slashing, buffered combo slashes
* Slight changes in swing timing
* Added new slash system
* Cleaned up sword charge
* Added charging up swings with RMB
* Cleaned up, optimized new sword replication
* Implemented new replication to support complex 5 action system
* Toned down Taiji jumps, gave more weightlessness and less speed
* Added new mercurial twitter hook.
* Improvements to handling Xing
* Xing Items can be created and thrown when sword is put away
* Starting to reintroduce xing

<Alpha 0.0.291 03/13/2009>
* Made "Idle" the source default animation, rather than holding a gun
* Added Gen back to player meshes
* Properly replicated Jiva/Chakra energy wheels
* Solved a list of minor issues, removed trampling ragdolls, removed auto jump off pawn, added slash momentum push
* Added delete Jiva actor on pawn's destroy, checks in Jiva for none pawn
* Another fix candidate for sword dynamic attachment problems
* Possibly fixed CodaItems not dynamically attaching properly at large distances
* Added zoom in/out with mouse wheel
* Added HowToReportBugs.txt which explains how to report a bug to the Coda Team
* Added CombatsystemTheory write up, diogram and source
* Timed Taiji dodge with effect
* Improved Taiji dash effect
* Improvements on seed particles and materials
* Hacked a fix to the massive ragdoll jittering on clients
* Fixed deathmatch and team deatmatch player/mule colors on client
* Added sword slash effect
* Fixed team colors for Team Deathmatch
* New energy quantity system
* Added replicated TaiVector
* Added Taiji Dash particle effect
* Added Taiji air dashing
* Added Xing explosion effects, ambient and explosion sounds, size scaling
* Dropping swords mostly works
* All Xing effects replicate properly when new client joins a match in progress
* Proper replication of CodaItems
* Added knock downs
* Removed bWorldGeometry from slash's hit detection
* Added swords/xing consuming opponent's energy, killing them when below zero
* Speed ups to strike timings, smoothed animation transitions
* Improved sword combo timing system
* Sword works properly
* Work on the sword...
* Added CodaDmgType, implemented in CodaPawn, improved sword hits
* Changed Grip to a rotator to support upcoming design change
* Added capability for sword to function like a classic fighting game, more reliable hit mechanisms
* Added CodaHUD
* Found and removed screenname above player heads
* Removed health, weapons and all other unCoda elements
* Added fix for 32bit registry key error
* Fixed bug #0000004 - Installer stays open if "Run Coda" is checked.
* Installer now detects and allows the removal of existing installations of Coda
* Added debugger icon
* Corrected ut3.exe path registry lookups
* Included the new auto-updater for ALPHA testers
* Maps no longer get cooked by default
* Script files can now be compiled with debug information
* Added bug reporting link for alpha testers
* Added detection and removal of old config files for ALPHA Testers
* Added option to run game at the end of install
* Added new changelog format
* Now detects UT3 Steam and PS3 dedicated server installations while creating shortcuts
* Added a wizard page that asks the user to verify the UT3 installation directory
* Updated Editor splashscreen
* New icon
* Added installer art
* Added new DesertRaid map
* Added Kouru's map
* Removed some unseen meshes from Duel and CodaFrontend
* Created a CodaChakraActor object
* Lots of gameplay changes post initial alpha
* Improved sword animation, preparing for more complex replication info
* Added GripAimNode for showing grip rotations
* Removed dynamic IK animation, added placeholder animation
* Added dropping sword items into simulated rigidbody mode
* Fixed campaign mode is visible in server browser bug #0000006
* Fixed "initial box settings" bug #0000001
* Fixed up UI... still not what I wanted, but can't be bothered to wrestle with UIScene any longer
* Added CodaLogo. it took way too long, and looks like shit.
* Added CODA logo to menu screens