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Coda is a free stand-alone indie game.

Coda is a game which focuses on thoughtful, unforgiving, competitive, fast paced and stylish gameplay. It will provide several interesting systems which players will have to use in harmony in order to defeat their opponents. Initially the game will focus on an original sword fighting system based on mouse movements. Next magic and psionic energy systems will be implemented, and tightly integrated into the sword fighting gameplay. Coda will feature a player control system which borrows mechanics from fighting games such as Guilty Gear. Several maps and completely original characters are planned. Stay tuned for frequent updates, this game is currently under rapid development.

The Coda team consists of two full time developers and several key contributors.
[Denrei] | Nathan Aschenbach – Design, game code, modeling, animations, the unfun levels, web page art, UI art.
[Krussell] | Tony Magro – Website, UI code, trailer, PS3 port, the fun levels, tons of other complex technical tasks.

Our Amazing Contributors
[Jimmy] | James Whitman – Writing/performing amazing music for our mod.
[Bowie] | The Man – Community Manager
[Reverend] | David Arditti – Game balance, Gameplay guidance
[Kouru] | Carlos Marcano – DesertRaid level, Artistic guidance, Spanish localization
[Krallen5] | Dennis B. – German localization
[Mischa] | Mischa Sild̩n РFinnish localization

Join us in our irc channel #codamod on gamesurge.


Also, checkout the gamesurge new user guide.

If you don’t have an irc client, you can still access our irc chat using the gamesurge online chat at

Were someone to be interested in contributing to this mod, a few things they might do include: Mapping, Sound effects, Particle Effects, Character Animations, Play Testing, New UI Design. Just post on the forums, talk to us on IRC or shoot an email to!