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Coda UDK Beta Release

Coda is now its own standalone game! There’s no need to even have UT3 installed to play! Download the latest Beta now!


This is the seventh video in a �series of tutorials for Coda. �Check out the rest of the�Video Tutorials! Keep in mind that these videos were made with the UT3 version of Coda, so certain parts will be out of date.

Krussel has done an amazing job creating a master server for Coda from scratch, so players will be able to host and join online matches just as they could for the UT3 Mod. This is a small release aimed at testing the master server.



Coda’s maps have been reworked to take advantage of Epic’s most recent improvements to the Unreal Engine, including LightMass. Sword collisions are now more accurate than ever, with improved balance between different sword types.

Download Coda UDK v1.2�Now

How To Play Coda.

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  1. john wrote:

    really enjoying the game.
    magic menu is a little tricky, but its really fun to play.

    also works with the 360 pad, but sadly not as good as with a ps3 controller.

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 3:47 pm | Permalink
  2. Lungu Vladimir wrote:

    Hello Coda crew. I want to start off by telling you how much I love your game, and how it entertains me when I have someone to play it with. I would like to know the reason why you guys stopped working on this amazingly great potential game; Are you disappointed in it by any chance ?; Are you busy with your lives ?. I would understand all that, and I want to help continue developing this game however I can. As for publicity – the project needs it more than never, so I already started working on it. This game needs more attention, and especially arena sword fighting games players’ attention such as myself. I have lots of ideas for this game. Thanks for the time you’ve taken reading this, and please contact me via my email which is or skype which is tyraeru. Cheers, and please don’t just let this amazing project die forever…

    Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 7:29 pm | Permalink

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