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Coda v0.4 Released

First of all, huge thanks to Epic for their decision to make Unreal available via the UDK. Most of the teams involved in the MSUC had the Unreal license as their prime goal, and now the opportunity to distribute their hard work as a standalone is available to everyone. While I can promise this will be the final iteration of Coda as a mod for UT3, Tony and I will be looking into where the UDK can take us in the near future…

CodaMod v0.4 features a ton of new weapons (props to the amazing jimbos for many hours of modeling work), brilliant new sounds (thanks to the great Roland Shaw) and many game play tweaks. Its a solid release for the MSUC Grand Finals! We’re in the running for Best Art, Best Physics, Best Level and Best Non-FPS Game Mod.  Check out the images in our gallery.

As before, CodaMod is available for both PC and PS3 versions of Unreal Tournament 3.

Download Coda v0.4 Now

PC Installation Guide PS3 Installation Guide

Check out the rest of the CodaMod Video Tutorials!

If you already have a previous version of Coda remember all you need to do is run the auto-updater from your Windows start menu to get this latest version. If you’re new to Coda just check out the installation guides above and while it’s downloading be sure to familiarize yourself with how to play Coda over on our wiki.

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