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Coda Beta v0.1 available for PC and PS3

Coda has just gone Beta! This release, v0.1, also marks the first time Coda will be available for the PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 in addition to the PC version. The controls have transitioned well to the PS3 without gameplay suffering.

If you don’t yet have Coda you can download your version of choice, PS3 or PC from If you already have Coda just run the auto-updater before playing and you’ll get the latest version.

If you experience what appears to be a crash on your first time playing Coda, and you have custom characters installed, don’t panic. Coda will lock up for a moment while it creates shader files for these characters and then resume once this is complete. You can avoid this delay by moving your custom characters out of the UTGame\Published directory before playing Coda. We understand this sucks and it will be fixed in the next version.

Feature wise, Coda now includes simple bots which have been added with this release. If you’re new to Coda this should be helpful in learning the gameplay, but don’t forget to also read the online manual.

Additionally, there have been updates to the elemental swords. Among these is the ability to use Nature to create trees that impede your opponents, a lightning fast dash move using Sky, and reflecting magic thrown at you using Water. These new techniques have added substantial depth for both new and old players to explore.

The above screen shows that in v0.1 the Coda Mule is no longer just for running over unsuspecting opponents, you can now attack with your sword while riding. All the mechanics of normal sword combat such as stuns, clashes and whiffs have been fully implemented in the mounted combat.


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