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Coda Release

Coda is now officially released, just in time for the Make Something Unreal Phase 3 deadline!

Coda features a unique gameplay system which combines sword fighting and magic attacks with thrilling taiji jumps. Detailed instructions on how to play Coda can be found in the Coda Online Manual.

To get Coda go to The file you need is CodaSetup_Alpha_0.0.700.exe. If your copy of UT3 is retail (not Steam) patch it first with the version 2.1 patch which is also downloadable from the release page. For more instructions see our Wiki.

If you already have Coda make sure you run the auto-updater to get the newest version. Coda’s still early in its development so it’s important to always run the auto-updater before playing as we’ll be working hard to add features and fix any bugs.

As always you can chat with us in our irc channel #codamod on or if you don’t have an irc client use this web app to chat right away. Also, we have forums setup at If you find any bugs you can report them at

Below are some screenshots of Coda’s character customization screen. This screen as with all menus in Coda is also available in French and Spanish. Much thanks to Kouru for help with the Spanish localization. If you’d like to help with localization for other languages let us know.

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