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Sword Design Contest!

Coda wants YOU! To help us be all that we can be in UT3. So enter the Coda sword design contest. The person who submits the best concept art for a sword will win a phenomenal prize package starting with Denrei modeling their winning entry and putting it in Coda. But that’s not all… the top entries will also receive the opportunity to be official play testers for the alpha release of Coda. You would think the prizes would end there, but no! With all the Coda the winner will be playing no doubt they will be in desperate need of physical exercise which they’ll receive on their brand new* Nordic Track Sequoia!

To enter just go to the Coda forums and post your original work under the “Sword Contest” post. Entries must be submitted by 5 AM GMT on 5/8/09 . You may also enter by emailing your entry to

Estimated retail value of prize package: you can’t put a price on your health. Some restrictions apply, mainly that if the winner wants the NordicTrack they have to pick it up at a prearranged location in Wisconsin most likely a dark one late at night. If winner is unable to pickup the NordicTrack, a sign bearing the winner’s name will be hung from the NordicTrack for all to see. You can also have a copy of Half Life 2 off of Steam, but whatever.

If you need help getting started keep in mind the sword you design will be wielded by its owner with one hand. Swords can be of any size in the Coda universe though so anything from a dagger sized blade up to a buster sword would be fine. Swords in Coda should not be energy weapons, for example lightsabers. However, eventually the swords in Coda will glow as they are charged with the various elements, fire, water, earth etc. So if your sword has parts that can glow that would be good otherwise eventually the whole sword will glow. If still in doubt thinking along the lines of Final Fantasy may help.

*Newness of NordicTrack relative to owner

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