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The plan from here…

So Tony has created an excellent new set up for our page! He also set up a ticket system for the tasks of the project and version control using Mercurial – both of which have been working out splendidly the last week or so. Check out the awesome high res video of Coda Mule gameplay in the video section! At the moment, Tony is working on getting a nice proper PS3 version of the Phase 2 release ready for everyone. I have been spending some time refining and creating a GUI for the Maya python tool set that I’ve come up with. Its gotten pretty powerful, and I hope any Maya users out there take a moment to check it out when its released in the next week or so. Once these tools are good enough to release, I’ll create the new pawn movement animations I need to finish implementing the Coda Pawn – more on this to come.
As I compose this a copy of Fallout 3 is slowly trickling onto my hard drive via Steam… I’ve heard good things from the people who’ve already tried it! Can’t wait!

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