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Coda UDK 1.3 released

Download the latest Beta now!

Our new master server (built from scratch by Krussell) has been performing flawlessly for this last week, the first week of public Coda UDK play.

The new version fixes several minor issues, and introduces new sword combat mechanics which should help newer players get into the action faster. Experienced players will have a few new tools to work with as well. This is the most refined gameplay Coda as ever seen! Make sure to check it out!

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Coda UDK Beta Release

Coda is now its own standalone game! There’s no need to even have UT3 installed to play! Download the latest Beta now!


This is the seventh video in a �series of tutorials for Coda. �Check out the rest of the�Video Tutorials! Keep in mind that these videos were made with the UT3 version of Coda, so certain parts will be out of date.

Krussel has done an amazing job creating a master server for Coda from scratch, so players will be able to host and join online matches just as they could for the UT3 Mod. This is a small release aimed at testing the master server.



Coda’s maps have been reworked to take advantage of Epic’s most recent improvements to the Unreal Engine, including LightMass. Sword collisions are now more accurate than ever, with improved balance between different sword types.

Download Coda UDK v1.2�Now

How To Play Coda.

Coda v0.4 Released

First of all, huge thanks to Epic for their decision to make Unreal available via the UDK. Most of the teams involved in the MSUC had the Unreal license as their prime goal, and now the opportunity to distribute their hard work as a standalone is available to everyone. While I can promise this will be the final iteration of Coda as a mod for UT3, Tony and I will be looking into where the UDK can take us in the near future…

CodaMod v0.4 features a ton of new weapons (props to the amazing jimbos for many hours of modeling work), brilliant new sounds (thanks to the great Roland Shaw) and many game play tweaks. Its a solid release for the MSUC Grand Finals! We’re in the running for Best Art, Best Physics, Best Level and Best Non-FPS Game Mod. �Check out the images in our gallery.

As before, CodaMod is available for both PC and PS3 versions of Unreal Tournament 3.

Download Coda v0.4�Now

PC Installation Guide PS3 Installation Guide

Check out the rest of the CodaMod�Video Tutorials!

If you already have a previous version of Coda remember all you need to do is run the auto-updater from your Windows start menu to get this latest version. If you’re new to Coda just check out the installation guides above and while it’s downloading be sure to familiarize yourself with how to play Coda over on�our wiki.

Video tutorials released!

Denrei has finally released a series of seven video tutorials! �They are an excellent way for new players to get a feel for what Coda is all about. �Check out the�tutorials page for the entire series.

Coda Comic

We’ve been working on a few things at once here at CodaMod, which we’ll be rolling out over the next week or so. Beyond a new version of the mod, which was submitted to phase 4 of MSUC, we have the first chapter of a comic based on the Coda universe as well as a set of tutorial videos.

Coda Comic Sample

Coda Comic Sample

Check out the first chapter of the Coda comic now!

Keep a look out for the tutorial videos which will be out soon.

Coda v0.2 Released for PC/PS3!

We are happy to announce the release of Coda v0.2 for both PC and Playstation3 versions of UT3. This is a solid release that the Coda team is very proud of and we hope Coda fans everywhere will appreciate the hard work Krussell and Denrei have been doing to get the updated version as well as the new trailer in your hands as quickly as possible.


Download Coda Now

PC Installation Guide PS3 Installation Guide

If you already have a previous version of Coda remember all you need to do is run the auto-updater from your Windows start menu to get this latest version. If you’re new to Coda just check out the installation guides above and while it’s downloading be sure to familiarize yourself with how to play Coda over on�our wiki.

The main focus of this release has been balance, polish and responding to comments from the community. �You’ll notice that many of these features were actually implemented after the footage for the trailer was taken.


Xing attacks have been overhauled. A new reaction system allows elements to feed one another (water into nature) or destroy one another (water into fire). The effects have been redone to allow a better representation of whats going on in gameplay. Players should see improved network performance as well.


Also featured in version 0.2 is Lou, a brand new character. Like the other Coda characters, Lou’s clothing, hair and eye colors are customizable in the Character Editor menu. �Check out more images of Lou �as well as the other Coda characters in the gallery.

Sword slashing has been slightly redesigned so that all 5 sword maneuvers can be executed through a single mouse button. Jabs are performed by clicking then immediately releasing either one of the the mouse buttons. Blocking is now executed by clicking and holding with either mouse button. The block move will persist until the mouse button is released, which should help beginners who are not yet comfortable with parrying.


In the interest of helping players of all skill levels improve and analyze mistakes, the Coda team has added round by round statistics. These should help you single out areas of your game which are lacking and can be improved upon in further practice.

Coda Beta v0.1 available for PC and PS3

Coda has just gone Beta! This release, v0.1, also marks the first time Coda will be available for the PlayStation 3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 in addition to the PC version. The controls have transitioned well to the PS3 without gameplay suffering.

If you don’t yet have Coda you can download your version of choice, PS3 or PC from If you already have Coda just run the auto-updater before playing and you’ll get the latest version.

If you experience what appears to be a crash on your first time playing Coda, and you have custom characters installed, don’t panic. Coda will lock up for a moment while it creates shader files for these characters and then resume once this is complete. You can avoid this delay by moving your custom characters out of the UTGame\Published directory before playing Coda. We understand this sucks and it will be fixed in the next version.

Feature wise, Coda now includes simple bots which have been added with this release. If you’re new to Coda this should be helpful in learning the gameplay, but don’t forget to also read the online manual.

Additionally, there have been updates to the elemental swords. Among these is the ability to use Nature to create trees that impede your opponents, a lightning fast dash move using Sky, and reflecting magic thrown at you using Water. These new techniques have added substantial depth for both new and old players to explore.

The above screen shows that in v0.1 the Coda Mule is no longer just for running over unsuspecting opponents, you can now attack with your sword while riding. All the mechanics of normal sword combat such as stuns, clashes and whiffs have been fully implemented in the mounted combat.


Coda for PS3

Bowie here with a midweek update on the Coda team’s march towards the next release.

The major news is that Coda is up and running on the PS3. We’re currently still testing, but PS3 support should be included in the next release! If you’d like to help us test the PS3 version send me an email at

Since finishing work on adding combat while on the Coda Mule, Denrei has been working on adding bots. Right now they don’t have too much AI, but they should at least be good for a bit of practice and should help newer players grasp the combat system.

Below is a screen of Coda running in split-screen mode on the PS3. Until next time,


Up Next for Coda

First just want to say thanks to everyone for the positive reaction to our alpha release. We definitely appreciate all the comments and suggestions we’ve received. If you’ve been playing, I hope it’s been a lot of fun. As I mentioned in the last post, Coda is still very early in development so I thought it was time for an update on what to look for next.

We are planning on adding bot support as soon as possible so that Coda can be enjoyed regardless of how many people are online and by those with poor connections. The other major change to Coda, which Denrei is nearly done with, involves being able to do battle from the Coda Mule, there are a few screens of this below. Krussell has also been hard at work, getting the PS3 version ready so that Coda along with its new features can be enjoyed by the many people we’ve heard from that don’t have UT3 for the PC.

Finally, much thanks goes out to Mischa_Silden who provided the Finnish localization which will be available in the next release. If you�d like to help with localization for other languages, send me an email.